Why Does My Child Need the Space Maintainer?

Primary (baby) teeth serve important functions for your child’s dental health. They help your child to eat and speak, and they serve as space holders in your child’s mouth to ensure that permanent teeth grow in straight. They also are important for the jawbone and mouth muscles to develop normally.

Sometimes a child’s baby tooth comes out too soon. For example, it may be lost due to an injury or accident, or it may need to be removed due to decay. Problems can develop if the space from the missing tooth does not remain open. The neighboring teeth may crowd out space where the permanent tooth should come in, and other teeth may grow in crooked. To help prevent future problems and avoid expensive orthodontic treatment, we may place a space maintainer.

How is a space maintainer made?

A space maintainer is a dental appliance that fits into space where a primary tooth (particularly a molar) is missing. It may be made of metal, plastic, or resin materials, and it is created specifically for your child’s mouth.

In some types of space maintainers, a band or crown is fitted directly over one of the adjacent teeth. A wire loop or splint, braced against the adjacent tooth, is custom-crafted to hold the space open. In other types of space maintainers, a set of bands and wires are fitted into the arch of your child’s mouth.

Some types of space maintainers are removable, while others are bonded in place. Some leave a visible open space, while others may have a realistic-looking tooth to cover the space. We will discuss with you the available options that best fit your child’s dental situation.

It may take a couple of appointments to fit your child for a space maintainer. During the first visit, we take an impression of your child’s mouth. This is used to create a precise model so that the space maintainer can be created individually. During the next visit, we place the space maintainer and check that it fits properly.

How to care for your child’s space maintainer?

Space maintainers are very small and inconspicuous. Although your child may be conscious of the space maintainer at first, after a couple of days, the mouth should feel normal.

To protect the space maintainer, remind your child to:

  1. Avoid chewing gum, sticky foods, or hard foods and ice.
  2. Avoid pushing or pulling on the space maintainer with the tongue or fingers.
  3. Keep the area clean (just like the rest of the teeth) with regular brushing and flossing.

When your child comes in for regular checkups, we will examine the space maintainer to ensure that it still fits properly and that the area is clean. We will also monitor the emerging permanent tooth so that when the time comes, we can remove the space maintainer.

Is Your Child Fit For Infant Modeling?

Your child has the looks and the attitude but should you expose him or her to infant modeling? There are a lot of celebrities and personalities that have started modeling at very young ages. Some got a good life out of it while others did not enjoy the same fate. It is but normal for any parent to consider venturing his or her child to infant modeling. However, it is still important that the parents know the ins and outs of such a venture.

If you are on the same page, here are some of the information you should know:


Infant modeling is not an easy job. For one, your child must have a lot of modeling stints to keep his or her career going. Thus, it is important that you know where to look for possible modeling gigs. As this may be difficult for a lot of newbies, it is recommendable that you get your baby under the care of a modeling agency. This would lead us to the next topic.

Modeling agency

Agencies for modeling are mainly established to handle and pitch modeling talents to different clients. These institutions act as middlemen that take care of the facets of modeling. Agencies must be able to train and provide their talent with a reputable modeling gig. In turn, they also ensure that clients get models that they need. Being in the talent’s end, it is always best that you review the modeling contract before you sign. A sound modeling contract provides you a fair professional fee, protection and of course, countless modeling stints.

Erratic schedule

Modeling for babies or adults both have varying schedules that could go to the extremes. As such, it is a must for the parents to help their babies adjust to such time. Professionalism is always a matter of perspective in any type of modeling. One cannot complain that the talent is not in the mood to smile. Make sure that your baby can adjust to this kind of pressure.


Modeling is always bound by contracts. Thus, the parent should be ale to determine his or her commitment to the job way before inking the contract. Breaches in agreements can permanently put off your baby’s modeling career. So, make sure that you and your baby has the right frame of mind before venturing into infant modeling.