3 Foods you should eat when you’re overdue

You have passed your due date and you had figured by now this whole pregnancy thing would be over and you would be playing with your newborn baby, but it did not. You are still carrying your baby and you are stressed out about whether this late pregnancy affects your baby or not. Your relatives and friends keep on contacting you to ask about your pregnancy which makes it even more stressful.

So, what do you do in such a situation? I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do. Don’t skip your diet just because you have gone past the due date. Your body still needs enough food to provide energy and nutrients to you and your baby, both for the labor process and the breastfeeding process. Newmomvintage designed an infographic which will tell you Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimp or not.So, you need to avoid all those curries and junk food and focus on only those foods which provide you with vitamins and minerals. In fact, you should definitely eat these 3 food items once you have become overdue.


It is important to eat foods which contain DHA which is a brain-boosting omega-3 and will work even when you are overdue. It can also prevent postpartum depression which would be handy for you. You will find that Sardines are a great source of DHA and so should definitely be a part of your diet, even this late in your pregnancy. In fact, you should not stop the intake of DHA once the baby is born because DHA components can transfer through breastfeeding too. So, if you keep consuming DHA even after pregnancy, your baby will get higher DHA level too, through your breast milk.


You need to eat food which is protein rich and packed with vitamins and minerals. There is no reason to gorge on the fatty and junk food just because you are having a late pregnancy. It is important to make sure that you provide your baby with healthy foods at all time, more so since the food you eat will be transferred to your baby during breastfeeding too. So, eat nutrient-dense food which will not lead to bloating and will help you with relieving constipation. Kiwi is one such great food to have as it is packed with both fiber and vitamin C.

Apple pieces

An important food item to have when you are overdue is iron-packed food items. Iron can provide you with a lot of endurance and provide you with sufficient energy which you would definitely need during your labor. We all know labor is a tedious and energy-draining task and so a good intake of iron would help to overcome all these obstacles. Hence, you should not stop the intake of apple or berries. Don’t turn to ice cream or other comfort foods as they would just make you feel fuller and hinder your labor. Eat apple pieces, berries, carrots, celery sticks, etc. as these provide a lot of vitamins and minerals and will be good for both you and the baby. In fact, fruits would provide you with a delicious taste while filling you up with all the necessary vitamins.